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"We truly can see with our brain's." - J louchart

The Human Eclipse - J Louchart - Short Edit

The Weather Channel
Freaks of Nature - January, 2014
Off the Fence Productions

J Louchart, one of our Perceptual Navigation Coaches in training, is show-cased explaining how FlashSonar provides visual images to a totally blind person, and demonstrates by using his own FlashSonar to navigate a mile long obstacle course through the snow covered forests of Colorado. View the full length documentary (S01E09) here.

Learning and Living with FlashSonar

by Austin Seraphin

A series of eloquent articles and radio interviews detailing a three day training Austin received from our Perceptual Navigation instructor, J Louchart, and how he proceeded to further develop and apply his skills.

Beginner's Guide to Echolocation for the Blind and Visually Impaired:

Learning to See With Your Ears
Amazon - 2012
by Tim Johnson and Justin Louchart

Here's where to buy the MP3 audio book


Wisconsin Vision Professionals Conference 2015
Vision Forward Association

J Louchart speaks about Flash Sonar, an echolocation technique used by some people with visual impairments for orientation and mobility.


2015 Illinois AER Conference Schaumburg

J Louchart discusses how to integrate Perceptual Navigation Techniques such as FlashSonar and the perceptually-based Full-Length cane with any students existing goals. "Learn to use these techniques to begin increasing your students awareness of and engagement with their surroundings in any situation."

Navigating Using Echolocation

Eyes on Success - June 25, 2014

" If you can't see with your eyes, you need other ways of recognizing your environment in order to maneuver through it. Like bats, humans can also use echolocation. Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with Daniel Kish and J Louchart of World Access for the Blind about 'Flash Sonar', an echolocation technique they developed and teach worldwide."

Hearing like a dolphin - J Louchart

BBC 2, Web Exclusive: Inside the Animal Mind You Are What You Sense - January 23, 2014

"What would it be like to echolocate like a bat or a dolphin? Amazingly, some humans have mastered this skill. Chris is led blindfold through a maze by echolocation ('flash sonar') expert Justin Louchart, to experience the world like a dolphin."

Matthias' Mom Tells Us

Detailed reflections. Matthias was 4 years old when J Louchart began working with him.

‘Seeing’ through echolocation

The Western Michigan University Magazine - Spring 2014

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