About Us

"If you guys can see with your eyes, we can see with our ears." - Juan Ruiz.

Our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Philosophy

Guided Tour

A summary about how we were established, what we do, what we've accomplished, and where we are headed.

World Access for the Blind Milestones and Honors

These include organizational achievements that are of particular note in expanding our ability to serve more people more efficiently with better results.

Seeing Without Sight

World Access for the Blind Production - December, 2003

This powerful, 25 minute video highlights some of the activities, goals, and accomplishments of World Access for the Blind in its first two years in operation. It features explanations and demonstrations of sonic and ultrasonic echolocation. It is targeted to helping blind and sighted people see our world in a new light.

Seeing With Sound

Fox News L.A. - April, 2007

This documentary is an excellent overview of our work, showcasing our instructional and recreational programs.

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