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"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." - T.S. Eliot

Welcome to our quickly growing compendium of selected videos, radio pieces, articles, and web sites - intended to inform, instruct, challenge, inspire, and even entertain. We've been featured and referenced in hundreds of media pieces from the scholarly to the mainstream, and have contributed dozens of our own works. We are proud to say that nearly all of these pieces resulted from invitation and word of mouth, not from our own active promotion. There's much to share, but please don't believe everything written or quoted. Journalists can be as creative as informative, but our commentaries help to keep things straight. We trust you'll enjoy, and hope you'll be edified and inspired.

Our Instructional Approach in Action

Publications and videos that illustrate how our approach works with students.

Science and Technology

A library of academic and applied publications, programs, and video presentations about the scientific study of our approach to perceptual navigation, as well as the science behind it, and its applications. All of these pieces reference our work. We provided technical consulting for most of these pieces, and authored or co-authored several of them.

Notable Interviews

A selection of invited interviews with our Perceptual Navigation Coaches on radio, TV, and printed.

Inspiration and Human Interest

Stories, articles, and presentations about our work that are found to be particularly inspiring, moving, or thought provoking.

Informative Entertainment

These are some of our more sensational, over the top pieces. They're useful in showing what is really possible, while leaning toward the extreme and shameless exhibitionism, but everything is real, not contrived. Sometimes it's our Coaches or students who like to ham it up. Sometimes, it's the artistic license of the producers and writers. Enjoy while being informed.

Open Mind, Open Eyes

These discerning, questioning, and otherwise provocative pieces, together with our own editorials, aim to investigate and address issues of special concern. These pieces really invite us all to think more deeply, and to challenge what we think we know. They provide us all with opportunities to reflect on what is sensible, factual, and challenging of mind and heart, giving us a chance to learn to open our eyes wider. Includes some lively skepticism and controversy, as well as some lively discussions.

Honors, Awards, and Distinctions

A heart-felt collection of the special recognition given our approach and its impact. - with our gratitude and appreciations.

Activational presentations, Events, and Engagements

We go where we're invited; we stay where we're welcome. We don't try to sell, persuade, or convince. Our aim is to share what we learn. We've delivered hundreds of workshops, presentations, and trainings directly to many thousands of participants in over 36 countries and half the U.S. Most of our engagements are invited by word of mouth, as we do little active promotion. Our services are overwhelmingly well received all across the globe. Although we charge only for reimbursement of our own expenses in most cases, we are often generously sponsored by religious and relief organizations, schools and universities, medical institutions, nonprofit entities, media companies, prfessional organizations, corporations, and private clients themselves out of appreciation for what they've received. Thank you. We are pleased to serve.

Health and Wellness

Thoughtful and thought provoking pieces and studies about the positive impact of our programs on the health and well Being of mind and body, including implications for medicine, art, recreation, and spirituality.

Natural Studies

Items of interest in our work from the natural sciences and studies of nature.

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