Our Work with Dewald van Deventer From South Africa

South African Mobility Association - Flash Sonar: a new look at an old skil

M.A.S.A. newsletter - September, 2010
By Ken Lord

Dewald was one of the first people from South Africa to contact us with the hopes of bringing us out there. This culminated in this workshop which Dewald attended. He then went on to do some workshops of his own, and some private FlashSonar tutoring in South Africa. To Ken Lord, now deceased, whith fond memories.

Seeing with Sound - No limits

BlindHow - October 03, 2014
Posted by Dewald van Deventer

Dewald provides an analysis from his own experiences of what FlashSonar is, how he learned it, and how he uses it.

Science, The Power of Perception: How Human Echolocation Is Being Put Into Practice

Abilities Magazine - Spring, 2011 ©
By Liz Brown

This article includes an interview with Dewald. It is an exquisite overview of our approach, the science behind it, what students have said about it, and a personal touch of how the approach was developed. The only thing is ... Daniel doesn't reside in England.

Little Love can see by sound

nation Media \ Lifestyle - ay, May 19, 2012

About Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Coach, and Dewald van Deventer, junior coach and former student, and there work with students in Kenya.

Stepping out into darkness and the Unknown

BlindHow - October 03, 2014
Posted by Dewald van Deventer

About Dewald's first experiences moving away from home to a new university campus, and how he took himself in hand to manage himself. Also includes his perspectives on applying FlashSonar when he learned of it, and how he used it to branch out into world travel and a promising career.

The Slow News, Chapter 2: The blind man who can see

Daily Maverick - March 6, 2015
by Marelise van der Merwe

Dewald continues his story upon returning to South Africa after completing his piano technician training, and spreading the news about how FlashSonar has helped him. "Dewald van Deventer tells me about going hiking with Daniel Kish, the granddaddy of human echolocation – a method of ‘seeing’ or acoustic navigation where a person uses clicking of the tongue (or cane, or any other object) to create small echoes of reflected sound that create a picture of the surrounding area."