Dan Chomycia: What a sighted Self-Defense Instructor gained from our work

From: Dani <dc8ball@yahoo.com>, Thu, 17 Oct 2013


My name is Dan Chomycia,
I am a firearms, weapons, and self defense instructor. I'm currently developing a martial arts curriculum for blind people. I would very much like to learn echolocation. Would be willing share my research with your organization in trade for such training. I'm 35 now have been studying martial arts and weapons since I was a kid. I'm a martial art hall of fame inductee and have tested my training in private security for over six years.
If I can learn echolocation. I might be able to incorporate into evening the odds for the blind in life threatening situations. I'm schooled on the use of the cane, and don't mind helping however I can when I'm available. If you like the program would be willing to train your people free of charge.

You can contact me by phone at
702.724.5599 or email
3110 Quail Run Rd
Pahrump, NV 89060




From: Dani <dc8ball@yahoo.com>, Tue, 29 Oct 2013


... the DVD Introduction to Blind Self Defense has scripted and will be shot over the next month. As part of my training for the DVD, I am spending as many hours as possible with the blindfold on. I have begun practicing echolocation it is slow going but fascinating. Things would be ten times better if I had a good coach. If you have any time in November or December for me to come and train please let me know.


Dan Chomycia




From: Dani <dc8ball@yahoo.com>, Sun, 10 Nov 2013


Thank you for an unforgettable experience,
Brian is a great instructor. I was amazed at the amount of things I could hear and how precise I could be. The cane work was very practical and freeing because of is hard tangible evidence of the environment. This experience has been very good for my brain and I have a new way to experience the world. I can see that there are things that crossover the to the sighted world as well. If your interested I could document my findings for you or Brian.

Thanks again,




Dan Chomycia's Field Report

November, 2013

Dan's blow by blow description of his training, and how he responded.

Some Subsequent Instructional Dialog Between Dan and Brian

From: Dani <dc8ball@yahoo.com>, Mon, 11 Nov 2013

I did some clicking at work. Share some of the concepts with coworkers. And at lunch was trying to demonstrate finding the lunch box. But I was miss understanding the signals and seemed to get it backwards. On the third attempt I found it but it seemed like I should have found it easier. I seem to have more trouble with close distances and small objects like the panel type exercises. Is there such a thing as far sightedness with echolocation?

From: Brian Bushway <brianbushway@hotmail.com>, Wed, Nov 13, 2013

You should think about doing demonstrations with larger objects like a side of a building or a wall.
As your perception develops smaller objects will become easier to detect.
The Surrounding environment can impact one's detection of a smaller object. This is called figure ground principle.
Think about what objects draw your attention first, they should be larger in nature, or have a distinct shape like a carport.
Your year is probably hearing many layers of sound, and is not sure which stimuli to focus on.
An exercise you could do is park a car in an environment with nothing else around it, get yourself dizzy and try to locate the car in a large open field.
Keep up the good work, great hearing from you.

From: Dani <dc8ball@yahoo.com>, Tue, 12 Nov 2013

Of course your right,
You know how I like to challenge my self. I did try again today with the lunchbox. Did better than yesterday. Today I had someone disoriented me then I went looking for the lunchbox. I was able to find the lunchbox a couple of times. But my orientation was spot on. They would disorient me then I would click straight ahead, move to the object touch it. Then use passive echolocation to find my starting point. Found the lunchbox easily one time after the second attempt once. Totally missed the first time because Someone put it too close to other objects. All in all, did better than yesterday. Which it's all I ever ask for. Will try the car in the field though tomorrow if I can.