Challenge the Limit

The public eye is blind to the blind. The inspiring strengths and urgent needs of the blind remain beyond understanding. There exists the technology and expertise to help us all see as never before, but lack of resources and concern keep the new eye from opening.

World Access for the Blind calls to everyone to challenge all limits. We prepare and hold challenging events and activities that compel the new eye to open by defying expectation, and establishing a new standard of living freely. Come mountain bike with the blind across city and country. Let's take a blind led hike along the pacific coast trail or through the redwoods. Join us on a blind guided tour of Santa Barbara or New York City. Browse with us through famous libraries and book stores using cutting edge artificial vision. Join our kids in an exciting game of blind soccer. But, bring your eyes; you'll need them. Climb with us beyond the canopies of the ancient rain forest. Sail the sea and soar in the sky with us, navigating by a New Light that dispels the dark and pierces every limit.

From earth to sea to sky, we will work to challenge any limit. With the challenges before us, World Access for the Blind calls upon the brightest minds and stoutest hearts to join us in meeting these challenges. By holding up these challenges, we encourage and rally the development and implementation of new approaches, new technologies, new ideas. With each limit challenged, a door to freedom opens. Using modern technology, human ingenuity, and belief, World Access for the Blind joins its partners in raising the strengths and the needs of blind people to the public eye. Let the public eye no longer be blind to the blind. Let us all see and share the New Light together.