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Seeing with Sound

Current TV - October, 2006
By donnie eichar

This film about Ben Underwood and Daniel Kish also features our work with a blind student, Adam Shaible. This film has won "#1 film of 2006" on the current tv network, the prestigious silver telly award, and the platinum remy award at the worldfest houston film festival.

The Boy Who Sees with Sound

People Magazine - July, 2006

Here, Daniel Kish was quoted a bit out of context. First, Daniel uses a cane virtually everywhere. Also, while Daniel did commend Ben's strong spirit and express genuine respect for Ben's ability to challenge conventional wisdom, Daniel strongly offered advise to Ben in the interview to consider his choices carefully. This does not come across in the way Daniel is quoted and portrayed in the article. but, the article portrays Ben well.

Humans With Amazing Senses: Blind People Who Interact With the World Like Dolphins and Bats

ABC's Prime Time Live - August, 2006

This ABC news article is taken from the TV airing which showcases the talents of the late Ben Underwood and Daniel Kish, and the work of World Access for the Blind.

Extraordinary People: The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes (Excerpts)

Channel 5, United Kingdom - February, 2007

Excerpts from a documentary about Ben Underwood featuring Daniel Kish and several of our Perceptual Navigation Coaches working with Ben to refine his skills. View the full documentary here. With fond remembrance -

For more information about Ben, and how to support his family.

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