Education and Rehabilitation Programming

How to realize our dreams? How to achieve success? We can apply our collective decades of world gathered experience in educational and rehabilitative programming to help you plan for the best possible outcomes. We help blind people, parents, and institutions put pieces together to implement the most effective programs, or refine existing programs. If you want success, we will help you achieve it. In the interest of positive action and student respect, our approach to effective programming is not just based on remediation of student weakness, but augmentation of student strengths. Being blind ourselves and with much experience with all sorts and combinations of involvements, we have lived and learned the process of making it work in the face of significant societal and administrative challenges. <Check out our credentials> Whatever your situation, however complicated, we specialize in innovative resolutions to the most intricate and exciting challenges. After an initial free consultation, we will provide you a free proposal of how we can help you. <click here to view a sample proposal>