Assessment of Ability and Achievement

We offer comprehensive, detailed assessments of functional living and personal achievement. We do not poke and probe with a critical eye. Our assessments do not just highlight or innumerate student weaknesses. We learn who the student is by a process of respectful involvement, interaction, and exchange. We believe assessment has three purposes - to learn who the student is, to communicate that knowledge clearly and respectfully, and to propose an effective program of positive action based on those findings. Our assessment process rests on three principals:

  1. The student does not have special needs, but the same needs as all students - the need for full, self-directed access to the opportunities of all aspects of society.
  2. The intent of our assessment is not to determine what's right or wrong with a student, but to determine how to optimize the student's self-directed access to society. The key question is, what needs to happen in order for the student to gain full access?
  3. Student strengths are as important as student challenges, and a service program will capitalize on these strengths as well as address challenges.

Before agreeing to conduct the assessment, we deliver a free consultation which includes an assessment price quote based on anticipated time to completion.  Click here for sample assessment reports.