Dennis's Mom comments on our work with her son and local families

Von: Heidi, Thu, 16 May 2013

Betreff: Flash Sonar

Hello dear Daniel,
how are you? We got to know us, than you were in Nürnberg (Germany) on 19/04/2013 at the school for the blind and then again on 22.04.2013 as you have practiced with the children in small groups flash sonar. My son is Dennis (9 years). I am very impressed by you, your work and your attitude to life. And so I had asked you if you would come to a more detailed training for a small group of children to us in Germany and you meant I should just contact you by e-mail.
We are a group of about 8 fully blind children aged 8-11 years and 2 blind adults (parents of a blind child). The children (and if possible, maybe even the blind parents) would love to work with you and learn from you. Do you have interest in it and how is this possible?
We could, for example, in the school holidays in autumn (10/26/13 to 11/03/13) to provide a shelter for several days, in which all come together and alternately or together could work.
What do you think? Can you tell me please, the conditions for your work?
I am really looking forward to your reply - and I hope that we can entice you to beautiful Germany :-)
Kind regards

From: Heidi, Wed, 04 Jun 2014

Subject: Re: charished memories & hopes for the future

Dear Daniel and dear Juan,

there were wonderful days with incredibly inspiring experiences and encounters - we will never forget them. Thank you for your mail Daniel. We all have these days very touched in the heart.

We are again well received in everyday life and I have heard Dennis click every day.
Everyone wants to make another event with you. It would be great if we stay in touch.

It is our great honor that you write an article about our adventures, and there will possibly be included in your book.
We are very excited, if you send it to us.

Do you know when the clip will be sent on CNN?

Thank you.

Our heartiest greetings and best wishes and see you soon

From: Heidi ... Wed, 18 Jun 2014

Subject: Re: charished memories & hopes for the future

Dear Daniel,
We're doing very well. Dennis clicks hardworking and has a 11-page report on the flash sonar weekend written during his holidays - so well he liked it. Now we are looking forward to the report on CNN for the first time to be sent today. How are you? Are you back in California? And how is Juan? I am currently still looking for a way to let you get many photos and videos of our weekend on the internet. I'll get back.

Seeing Through Sound

CNN International: Vital Signs - June 18, 2014
Sanjay Gupta

Coverage of one of our Perceptual Mobility Coaches, Brian Bushway, and Daniel Kish conducting a family workshop with Juan Ruiz in Nürnberg, Germany.

From: Heidi ... Tue, 16 Sep 2014

Subject: meeting request

Hello dear Daniel,
Dennis and Julian are really good friends. I know from his [Julian's] mother that the weekend with you was very fantastic to him. He has learned much and uses his stick more often. He will definitely take part in January [2015]. It would be great if you could be there too. Maybe you became a few dates in Germany in January?

I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you: