Samuel's Story

Samuel's Sonar

Channel 5, United Kingdom - June, 2008

A heart warming excerpt from the Extraordinary Animals video in Which 7 year old Samuel, just out from 3 months in the hospital, gleeafully gives a most eloquent explanation and delightful demonstration of learning to see again with FlashSonar. Includes his parents' comments. This segment warrants special attention. From the producers of this segment:

From: "Barbara Lee"
Date: … Apr 2008

"How lovely is Sam. … He's so incredibly bright, articulate and very cute! He speaks very eloquently about echolocation, how it works and how he hopes to improve his skills so that in his own words 'he can lead a more independent life when he's older'. … with ten films in production, … The film I am most proud of … is this one. … You were right … about Sam - he's a fabulous boy and his skills … are great to watch. And its so moving watching this warm intelligent little boy, using them to make his life more independent."

Samuel's Beaming Smile is Bright Enough to Make Me See

Achievement Process Profile - November, 2007

When I, Daniel Kish, was ask to speak at Samuel's memorial, I wistfully quoted from this assessment report I had written after conducting a three day instructional session with him: "Samuel's voice had an uncanny way of expressing his beaming countenance in a manner I have never experienced. I could feel his shining smile beaming through every word and expression as if it were alive in the air around us. Years ago during one of my presentations to school children, a child a little older than Samuel asked me, 'If you could suddenly see 3 things, what would you want them to be?' … the 3 things that came to mind were: a rainbow, a lightning flash, and a child's beaming face. … Though I understand the emotion, I have long been curious about how it is expressed on a child's face or in the eyes in such a manner as to earn a kind of reverence from those who care about such things. Samuel has answered my long curiosity. … I can honestly say that his sparklingly light and clear manner of speech breathes life into the meaning of the term 'beam.' The visual concept of beaming becomes an auditory concept around Samuel, and around him, I don't feel I miss anything from his beaming, radiant, shining expression. The light in his eyes touches my heart as saliently as his words, his laugh, or the touch of his hand. I will go so far as to say that experiencing his expression, the chime-like way he talks and laughs, has given me a fresh insight into the beaming expressions of all the children I work with. I owe Samuel a special thanks for such an endearingly precious gift." Samuel, your ineffable smile remains etched in our hearts for all time.

Real life exclusive: Meet Sam the blind boy who uses dolphin-like clicks to navigate

Mirror Online - May 30, 2008

About our work with the late Samuel, 8 years old, as we warmly keep him in our thoughts.