World Access for the Blind at the No Barriers Summit 2015

"Madelyn Stafford, ... blind due to glaucoma, was one of almost 1,000 attendees from throughout the country who participated in ... clinics at the No Barriers Summit ... she excelled during her echolocation workshop, which was instructed by Daniel Kish, the first man to create a comprehensive algorithm for teaching blind individuals how to navigate themselves by a series of tongue clicks.
"It was so cool to see that it actually works and that my life could be more independent than I thought it could be," Stafford said. "For the rest of the weekend I used echolocation to navigate the hotel and find things that I couldn't before." - Standard-Examiner

No Barriers University - July 10, 2015

Daniel Kish Presents

"Many would be surprised at how many individuals live without the quality of movement..."

Asking Big Questions and Raising the Bar

No Barriers Interview - August 3, 2015
by Buddy Levy

"How much control do you want over your own capacity to achieve? And, what, in truth, allows us to be truly free?"