Workshop For Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Echolocation helps kids, adults learn to 'see' with sound

NBC News TODay - May 27, 2013
Matt Rivera

Article and video-
"For 14 year-old Alek Wolfe, it was the first time he could walk around unaccompanied by his mother. Though his mom wasn't far behind, Alek walked unescorted, and the young teenager was ecstatic with what felt like independence. "I love it!" he said while walking with traffic less than ten feet away."

Blind Vermonters get lessons in 'seeing' through sound

NECN - May 2, 2013

Article and video:
"I think it's certainly something we can use," said Eric Shaw, an orientation and mobility educator for VABVI. "Anything that gets [young students'] attention that ultimately leads to their safe travel, their confidence, their parents seeing they are able to travel like anyone else is what we're looking for."

Students and Participants Report

Video reports of what the blind students and professional participants have to say.