Washington State University, Wenatchee

TO:                  Whom it May Concern


FROM: Dr. Gene Sharratt

                        Professor, Washington State University


DATE:             February 6, 2005


RE:                   Letter of Reference for Daniel Kish


It is a pleasure to write a letter of reference for Daniel Kish. I have known and worked closely with Daniel for the past five years.  I know him well.  I can provide very specific details and examples of his work ethic, performance and personal characteristics.


First, I know Daniel through his work with World Access for the Blind.  Daniel has been active in north central Washington working closely with families, schools, and community groups. He was a guest on my radio show, “Vital Signs” on KOHO FM 101 on several occasions.  Through his efforts with World Access for the Blind, Daniel has worked to develop a true, vision prosthesis system.  The system would address the needs of the blind and partially sighted by serving the major functions of vision.  It would be based on alternative sensing technologies, current knowledge about human sensory and neural processing, and instructional and therapeutic strategies.


While in our community, Daniel prepared and presented at a very well attended community forum on alternative sensing technologies.  He, and a student who would benefit from these new technologies, shared experiences and expertise on how these new technologies would benefit individuals with similar challenges.  Daniel’s presentation was thorough, comprehensive, and well researched.  We had many requests for Daniel to return and share updates on his work and research.


Second, I know Daniel through his tireless efforts with several families in our area who were in need to guidance and support for their children who suddenly lost their sight. Daniel was there to counsel them, encourage them, and support their efforts to return to a fully functioning life.  Daniel has been invaluable to this family and has performed “miracles” with these children.


Finally, I know Daniel through his outdoor interests in biking and the formation of teams of biking youth interested in learning to ride with skills, regardless of sighted ability. Daniel was featured in the May 2001 “Mountain Bike Action” magazine for his courage and leadership.


Personal characteristics demonstrated by Daniel include:  honesty, loyalty, organizational skills, natural leadership and commitment to purpose.  Daniel is a very hard working, personable and dedicated worker.  I respect his ability to get the best from others, as well as himself, and his desire to make sure his work has the highest quality of performance.  He is very concerned that he meets and exceeds the expectations and demands of those who employ and work with him. 


I am honored to write this letter of recommendation for Daniel Kish.  I consider Daniel to be an excellent leader and exceptional friend.  Please call if I can provide further details please contact me at gene@awsp.org or  (509) 674-9776.