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Blind Hikers Scale the Andes - Climb Machu Picchu with a remarkable expedition.

ABC Nightline - 07/14/2006
by Philip Maravilla

Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind man to summit Mt. Everest, who then summited all the world's major peaks, conducts an expedition of blind and sighted teenagers up Machu Picchu. This showcases the admirable achievements possible for blind people through strategic and mutual engagement of sighted support. Philip Maravilla is a renowned producer who also produced "Blind as a Bat: Seeing without eyesight" for HDNet World Report, featuring Daniel Kish and Juan Ruiz demonstrating what blind people may be taught to achieve through application of perceptual mobility, with little or no requirement for sighted support. This can be found at our General News and Press Center.


Maureen A. Duffy, CVRT, Web Master

"The Self-Help Resource Center for Vision Loss"
"Information For Adults Experiencing Low Vision, Vision Loss, and Blindness "

A Sense of the World: How a blind man became history's greatest traveler

Jason Roberts - 2006

This remarkable account documents how James Holman, a blind man from Britain, became history's greatest traveler. Staying one step ahead of those desiring to institutionalize or infantilize him for his blindness, Holman traveled more miles than any other explorer prior to motorized transportation. Artist, poet, and sportsman, this extraordinary individual ventured through jungles, across deserts, and over seas, ever embracing the world, and always reaching for the "more" that he could become. Although his work was all but forgotten, having been dismissed by skeptics who cast doubt that a blind man couldn't achieve what Holman had claimed, and by critics who insisted that a blind man couldn't possibly "observe" what Holman claimed to have observed. Robert's meticulously researched eloquennce succeeds in bringing Holman's words and sentiments back to the forefront of public appreciation and knowledge. In the final chapter, Raise the Soul to Flame, Roberts showcases Daniel Kish's work through World Access for the Blind, and names Daniel "the Spiritual Successor to James Holman."

Extraordinary Children and Other Resources

These are heart-rending realities about people which really bring home how lucky most of us are. But, not all of these items are about illness and disability. Some are quite the contrary: stories of fantastic physical achievement or unbelievable abilities. Some have had horrific experiences, while others are remarkable in their ability to overcome adversity. From the web Master: "The webmaster of this site has multiple sclerosis, which is why this site came into being, and I take my hat off to the people featured here. I am fortunate that my MS symptoms are not severe, but I really have nothing to complain about when you become aware of what others are going through." This site ncludes an article about our work with Ben, excerpted from from the full length documentary Extraordinary People: The boy who sees without eyes which You can view on our Students Report page.

Inspirations: Daniel Kish

Everything Blind - August 2009

"We have created this web site to provide a smooth highway ride straight to the information regarding your specific, individual needs. Perhaps this is just a bit of information about your eye problem, or a product related to vision, or anything else you can think of that relates to vision or vision loss." "If you "Each month we will share with you stories, and information on the individuals that have set their sights on inspiring! the people just like us, who have lost their physical sight, but, not their vision. that keep us going and growing as not only blind and visually impaired individuals, but also as able and active individuals."

Skateboard Boy: Tommy Carol

Jon Sall, Director - Circa 2008

This short video was produced when Tommy was about 14. Tommy, who proudly reports himself to be totally blind, has since ended up on his high school track team, and is still known to skateboard, having attached his name to several famous California skateparks. We haven't worked with him, but he is A strapping young man after our own heart. Go Tommy!

Resources for O&M Specialists

This is a very thorough compilation of Orientation and Mobility resources, including literature, product information, and information. Many of our instructional resources are listed. "Orientation and Mobility, commonly refered to as, "O&M" is a profession which focuses on instructing individuals who are blind or visually impaired to safely and effectively travel through their environment."

Blind Children's Resource Center

This is one of the most positively achievement oriented set of resources we've encountered. "The Blind Children's Resource Center is dedicated to the idea that blind/visually impaired children can grow up to become productive, fully functioning, independent members of society. To do this, they need normal expectations for their development, high quality training in the skills of blindness, and exposure to healthy, positive attitudes about blindness and the abilities of blind/visually impaired people. ... What does it actually mean to be blind? ... Does it mean limitations—a person can't do this or can't do that? ... We believe the key is skills. With the alternative skills of blindness, a child will be able to accomplish tasks without frustration and with success. ... It is up to the adults in the blind child's life to provide the expectation for success and the training and opportunity to practice the skills. Before you know it, the child will have high expectations for him/herself and, when faced with a new or challenging situation, will know to ask, what skills do I need to learn in order to accomplish this task? ... remember, don't think limits—think possibilities!"

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