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How blind people gain an enhanced sense of hearing

Reader's Digest U.K. - August, 2015 5
by Helen Cowan

"When the brain is deprived of sight through blindness can it reorganise to respond to hearing instead? Echolocators remain a mystery but are helping many blind people see again."

The 20 Best Reads of 2011

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"From magazines, newspapers and the Internet, the most unforgettable articles that crossed our editors' desks all year." The Blind Nam Who Taught Himself to See from Men's Journal, is voted 6th best read of 2011. This same article is also included among the "Best of Men's Journal" collections.

Real Super Powers: 5 Real-Life People With Superhuman Skills

Readers Digest
By Beth Dreher

Daniel Kish is selected among five people for an illustration of his skills. "You won't believe the superpowered feats these real men and women have pulled off."