Coverage by the BBC

Bat School for the Blind

BBC Switched - November, 2010

This informative documentary showcases Brian Bushway, one of our Perceptual Mobility Coaches, teaching a course of FlashSonar to a teenaged boy from Wales, England, with verification of his progress by a scientist from U.C. Davis. This video is narrated by the boy himself.

Super Human Challenge - Juan Ruiz

BBC - February, 2013

In a light-hearted but penetrating exposé, Juan Ruiz, Perceptual Navigation Instructor, Under the direction of a scientist, takes on a series of rivoting and competitive challenges to test the limits of his FlashSonar.

Human echolocation: Using tongue-clicks to navigate the world

BBC World Service - September 12, 2012
By William Kremer

"Daniel Kish has been blind since he was a baby but that hasn't stopped him living an incredibly active life that includes hiking and mountain-biking. To do this, he has perfected a form of human echolocation, using reflected sound waves to build a mental picture of his surroundings." Quite a good explanation of how it works.

New College Worcester School for the Blind

Includes a BBC news piece and appreciations:
"The ... footage is excellent and we had a significant increase in interest on our website after the broadcast. ... the students are really benefiting from the skills that we learnt from you. You have caused quite a BUZZ and other students really want to work with and meet you."

World Access for the Blind Finds Visibility

BBC Scotland News - August, 2007

This TV news piece covers our professional development workshop with Visibility Scotland, and features renowned neural Ophthalmologist Prof. Gordon Dutton's appraisal of our approach, as well as his neurological explanation of how it works.

Echolocation Training: is it Really something new?

BBC Radio 4 - In Touch -22 April 2008
Peter White

About our work with two primary school students, Danyl and Jake, who were connected with our Visibility Scotland workshop. Includes interviews with these two students, as well as a skeptical perspective, and Daniel Kish's response. (you may need to download a program from online to hear this, but the transcript is also available.)

World of Illusions

BBC: Horizon - October, 2010

This short video segment features Daniel Kish's demonstration of bicycling with FlashSonar, and his work with scientists to study the brain's FlashSonar imaging system. Includes an interview with Prof. Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe from Neural studies at the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München). Also includes videos of MRI brain scans.

Extraordinary People: The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes (Excerpts)

Channel 5, United Kingdom - February, 2007

Excerpts from a documentary about Ben Underwood featuring Daniel Kish and several of our Perceptual Navigation Coaches working with Ben to refine his skills. View the full documentary here. With fond remembrance -

Dolphins and Children Using Sonar

BBC - June, 2008

As part of a scientific experiment, Daniel is unwittingly pitted in a sonar contest against Milo the Dolphin, who subsequently died in captivity. Features Professor Magnus Wahlberg from University of Southern Denmark. Includes a most touching and heart warming segment with one of our blind students - a very engaging and adorably charming 7 year old Samuel, now deceased, who shows us how it's all done. Here are two short edits from this piece on BBC Earth

Four Year Old Jamie Aspland Learns to See with Cane and Click

BBC - Southeast England - May, 2010

Jamie's mum explains how her blind son has learned to see, while Jamie demonstrates.

Blind boy uses his ears to ‘see’

BBC News - October 5, 2009,

Show-cases one of our students, 7-year-old Lucas Murray.

Thirteen Personal Questions

BBC - Ouch!

A provocative personal exposé on Daniel Kish, consisting of a 13 question interview.