Coverage by the Discovery Channel

IS It Possible to See without Sight? - Brian Bushway

Discovery Canada: Daily Planet - April 9, 2015

Brian is put to the challenge of using his FlashSonar to describe a random sculpture for a forensic artist to draw, unseen.

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Discovery Canada: Daily Planet - November, 2011
By Michelle McCree

Shows demonstrations and explanations of our techniques and no limits philosophy.

Real-Life Bat Man

Discovery Channel: Is It Possible - February, 2010

This segment showcases Daniel Kish's ability to demonstrate and teach seeing with sound.

Stan Lee's Real Superhumans - Juan Ruiz

Discovery Channel - April, 2010

Juan Ruiz gives a stunning and very genuine demonstration of FlashSonar on the shamelessly over the top but entertaining show.

FlashSonar Featured

Discovery Channel, More Than Human - November, 2003

Daniel Kish and perceptual mobility coach Juan Ruiz compellingly demonstrate the use and teaching of FlashSonar in this sensational but informative segment.