Our Work with Jake Olson, Motivational Speaker

Jake Olson

Jake is a 12-year-old boy who lives in the Los Angeles area. He is unique in that World Access for the Blind started working with him prior to him losing his sight due to retinoblastoma. We worked with him on long-cane, FlashSonar, and mobility training beforehand, so that he would be well-equipped to lead a fulfilling life without sight. He has continued to go to the same school and play the sports he loves: football and golf. Jake travels the country to speak on behalf of cancer organizations and has gained national attention from being featured on ESPN.
Jake works with our Mobility Coach, Brian Bushway, on FlashSonar and long-cane training.

One Last Look, USC Draws Inspiration From Fan: Jake Olson

ABC News - December, 2009

This touching story shows Jake's heroic capacity to maintain his equalibrium while losing the last of his vision. Although our involvement to help Jake prepare for his approaching blindness is not mentioned here, we were, indeed, privileged to work with him. It is his picture on our Home page with Brian Bushway.

Jake Olson's Website

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