Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

March, 2004

A daring interview with Daniel Kish about daredevil powers in the real world.

Daniel Kish is Daredevil. No, Really.

Detroit Press - May, 2011

"Daniel Kish is as blind as they come. At just over 1 year-old his eyes were removed to save his life from retinoblastoma, a cancer that attacked his retinas. Kish was basically left alone as a child and right away started using sound to assist with his navigation. This behaviour is actually common among blind children however it’s often repressed because of an antisocial stigma. In order to receive information from reflected sounds one must go around making noise, and in Kish’s case this is a clicking of the tongue. Kish has mastered the technique to the point of being able to mountain bike in the city and on trails as well as navigate in the wild without any person or technology ... Sound waves propagate in three-dimensions reflecting or bouncing off obstacles. The characteristics of the returning waveform bring with it information about the object it has just interacted with. Kish has trained himself to listen to the subtle differences of the echos and can distinguish between a car, SUV or truck, or between a hedge, chain-link fence or wall. ... Kish runs a non-profit organization World Access for the Blind which promotes self-directed achievement of blind people and uses Kish’s teaching method of Flash Sonar."

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